Peek into the Soul of GyanchandJi

The legacy of ‘Raisoni Group of Institution’ springs from the turmoil of a pre-independent India and spans across generations highlighting the depth of life in all its beauty and challenges. And the soul that kindled this legacy was Mr GyanchandJi HiralalJi Raisoni.

Gyanchand Ji, a name that belongs to the Indian origin, meaning ‘Knowledge’ clearly represents his character. In all areas of life, the soul exhibited purity, selflessness, and perseverance while striving to surpass excellence. Every new day was like a fresh beginning for him, like the calmness and quietness just before the dawn waiting to release understanding and wisdom for each new day.

For GyanchandJi, hard work and discipline were the pillars of his life which even the next generation imbibed and adhered in their lives and spirits.Understanding, finding, realizing, and expressing the introspective self with an open heart and mind had always been his area of interest. He always undertook a venturesome spirit to escalate his flight to success with constant learning, exploring everything that comes across, and embracing changes with open arms. Prompt in his action, determined in his efforts, and assertive in his thoughts, he has left behind meaningful footprints for generations to follow.

Today, the formless and timeless soul continues to live with the same dignity, credibility, and purity that GyanchandJi had lived with.

Parents Blessings

Parents Let You Discover God’s Presence

GyanchandJi was born to HiralalJi and SaruBai. His parents were simple, religious, hardworking, and persuasive with a strong belief in the Jain principles of ‘Satya, Ahimsa, and Shanti’. They always believed in choosing the right path, no matter how challenging it is to lead a righteous life. The same values, traits, and learning were inculcated in GyanchandJi and other four siblings since their initial phases of life. This showcased a meaningful transformation.

Throwing light on the persona of GyanchandJi’s father, HiralalJi, has his own share of inspiring experiences. HiralalJi traveled far away from Rajasthan to Maharashtra where he started flourishing his farming activities with leaps and bounds. He accepted the change with open arms and dissolved himself like sugar in milk in the completely different culture of Maharashtra. His life was like a continuous journey of perspiration and inspiration that kept on embracing changing trends of the society.

Siblings Love

Siblings are the Sugar and Spice of Life

GyanchandJi was the youngest child of his parents, HiralalJi Raisoni and Sarubhai, after UttamchandJi, BhaichandJi, ShantilalJi, and Bhikhabai.

UttamchandJi was the eldest with an extra share of responsibilities. The remaining three brothers, ShantilalJi, BhaichandJi, and GyanchandJi formed a ‘Trio’. The trio was popular in the village for a perfect integration of naughtiness and sweetness. Together they have lived many nostalgic moments while playing hide and seek, kabaddi, and gilli danda. Together they have shared many mischievous moments like throwing a snake out of the sea and burning crackers in a donkey’s tail. The trio used to share every aspect of their childhood, even the scolding of their parents. Such moments turning to memories certainly add to the essence of life.

Childhood Days

Going Back to Childhood Memories

GyanchandJi was born on 30th June 1930 in a Jain farmer’s family in Talegaon, Maharashtra. At the budding stage of his life, he was a clear reflection of the values and teachings of his parents, HiralalJi and SaruBai. In Talegaon, he lived a righteous, happy, and satisfied life with his parents, three brothers, and one sister. As a child, swimming and horse riding was his claim to happiness.

GyanchandJi's first step in the outside world started on 15th March 1936, when he was admitted to a school in the zila parishad. He completed his primary education in 1940 and then he shifted to Jalgaon. There he lived with his brother Uttamchand who after higher education had settled there with his wife, Badambai.

In Jalgaon, GyanchandJi started his second phase of life and successfully completed his SSC. Further to that, he went to Gujarat to pursue higher education with a view to fulfill his ambition of becoming an engineer. All through his educational stages, he had been an outstanding student who always enervated negative energies in the form of obstacles and challenges to grow and bloom naturally.

Career Abridgement

Initiating a Journey to Excellence

With utmost determination and persistent efforts, GyanchandJi was into the next phase of his life as an engineer. He started his career journey as an ‘Engineer’ in ‘Mahindra & Mahindra – Mumbai’.

The job in Mumbai was like a short documentary for him. This is because his mother was adamant on getting him back to Jalgaon to stay with her. With due respect and dedication to his mother, GyanchandJi left behind his promising career and came back. After returning he started working as an engineer in a small-scale Khandesh Mill in Jalgaon.

GyanchandJi lived with a conviction that he will achieve what he has set out to achieve, leaving no stone unturned. He was mostly occupied with designing strategies and pathways, analyzing their risks and weaknesses, planning how to overcome shortcoming, and practicing to polish his skills. With this sort of affirmation in life, he started with the distribution of Usha Sewing Machines after his job hours. This eventually was the ignition of entrepreneurship.

Wedding Bliss

Love Stays from a Glance to Eternity

GyanchandJi while doing job in Jalgaon as an engineer in Khandesh Mill, got married to SadaBai in the year 1950. Over a period, they became the proud parents of 8 children, Rajendra, Rajni, Avinash, Pradeep, Shekhar, Sunil, Mahindra, and Smita.

Their marriage had always been a two-way conversation. GyanchandJi never felt ashamed to help his wife in basic household work like brooming, washing utensils, and even bathing kids. On the other edge, SadaBai had been a strong inspiration and motivation for the growth and success GyanchandJi had accomplished.

When the first business of Usha Sewing Machines was adopted by GyanchandJi, his wife supported him in selling and distribution of these machines. She also worked with all dedication and determination to start with the sewing classes and help women of the village learn the art of sewing. Thereafter, one after another many businesses added to the bandwagon and SadaBai always stood strong and sturdy with GyanchandJi, sharing all his responsibilities.

Since the time they got married, every moment was like an eruption of love, learning, and performance while together making significant contributions to the welfare of the society. It was like at every stage of life they kept seamlessly complementing each other with selfless love and eternal togetherness. On 10th November, 1994, Sadabai had a massive cardiac arrest and she left for her heavenly abode.

Social Connect

A Catalyst of Generosity, Compassion, and Service

Taking an insight into his social personality, he was a deep reservoir of love, compassion, humanity, and generosity. Emotionally, he was a master in fulfilling a relationship with genuine love and kindness. Whether his wife, children, grand children, friends, or with anyone in the society, he had the ability to empathize and maintain a strong network of personal contacts.

He had always been a convergent thinker and had helped many people ease their problems and challenges. So many times, he has helped people expose great opportunities that were often found wrapped up inside their problems. Not even a single person in trouble was left untouched with his compassion, advice, or reassurance.

In short, while defining his personal and social relationships, GyanchandJi was as real as his mirror image – reflective, sincere, and pure.

    His Gifts to the Society:
  • GyanchandJi strongly believed in the value of Gadge Maharaj who was a saint and social reformer promoting cleanliness, sanitization, and social justice in villages. Following the same, he promoted cleanliness in his village.
  • Kindled by passion and empowered by motivation, he created his own unique system of imparting the right learning and the essence of education to villagers for a seamless enlightenment of the hearts and minds.
  • GyanchandJi was known to introduce the ‘Green Revolution’ while educating farmers on the latest agricultural techniques and helping them increase the production of agricultural products.
  • He had strong influencing power and convinced the village people to use pumps for easy farming and effective outcomes.
  • He was passionate about technology and machinery. Hence, if anywhere he used to sense a machinery problem especially with regards to the oil engine pump, he used to make himself available in no time.