A Powerhouse of Entrepreneurial Ideas

GyanchandJi was a visionary soul infused with a powerhouse of entrepreneurial ideas. He started his entrepreneurship with the distribution of Usha Sewing Machines in the year 1954 while he was serving as an engineer in Khandesh Mill in Jalgaon.

In 1955, he took the agency of an oil engine pump set. This initiation was motivated with the thought of easing the farming activities. During that era, he made several critical observations regarding the fertility of the land in Maharashtra and the ways of doing agriculture. With deep thoughts and considerations, he came to a realization that oil engine pumps can be very fruitful for the farmers.

Insights to His Business

For GyanchandJi, hard work and discipline were the pillars of his life which even the next generation imbibed and adhered in their lives and spirits. This enduring pillar took him a very long way to success. With all high dreams and aspirations, there was no looking back and he developed his own business empire. Due to his accomplishments and his selfless services to the society, people started tagging him as ‘Gyanchand Sheth’ and ‘GyanBhau’.